Adriana Santos

Instructional Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Storyteller.

My journey

I can say that curiosity, joy and creativity are the three main characteristics that define me. Since childhood, I have had a wealth of learning and knowledge that complement each other and reflect the love I have for everything I do.

Due to my interest in adding, I bring into my repertoire what I learned – and continue to learn – from photography, cinema, writing, literature, the various artistic and cultural manifestations and also the varied purposes of design.

I was born in the city of Pelotas, in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul. I lived in Porto Alegre and Florianópolis before landing in Ottawa, Canada, where I am currently.


University of the Valley
do Itajai - Univali

Specialization in Graphic Design

Catholic University
of Pelotas - UcPel

Bachelor's Degree in Social Communication
Advertising and marketing


Graphic designer

In 2005, I started activities involving the creation of visual identity, logo, layout of printed and digital books, web layout and website construction.


Instructional Designer

Since 2011 I have been working on identifying improvements, editing and adapting content to the most diverse formats and platforms.



Since 2015, I have been working as an instructional video, animation and games screenwriter, in which, based on an idea or content, I define, create and organize the information to be recorded or programmed.



I've always been telling stories, but in 2019 I became a professional to help and teach people and companies to better present their purposes, products or services.



I wrote many poems and poetry as a teenager. Reports of passions, at that stage, were very common. Years later, when studying and exercising narrative constructions of different genres, I chose Conto to add to my favorites in literature, despite writing other strands.


A mentor

On a platform called Clubhouse , based on streaming audio, in addition to lecturing, I teach classes and propose exercises in creative writing, short stories, micro-stories and storytelling.




Suite Adobe

Graphics Software
Editorial Software
Software Photos
Software Videos
Super attentive, honest and full of good ideas. brought great clients and help in publicizing my work. I am very grateful for the professionalism and dedication.
Juliana Eisenbraun
Adri, I really loved your work. Thank you for all the care, patience and affection in creating my arts. It was just the way I dreamed.
Lidia Cardoso
The meeting with Adriana was between words, at Club Diversidade na Escrita do Clubhouse. She creatively and masterfully leads the Tales and Storytelling rooms. It was from the weekly meetings that I unlocked and started to produce more content and developed techniques under his guidance. I have written two books since then.
Natascha Lopes
Adriana helped me get my story out of my head and into the world! She was very attentive to details, putting facts into words in a nice way to tell and listen to my narrative. Storytelling has been very important to my work as a psychologist.
Isabella Rodrigues
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